Hey there! My name is Bethany. I am the founder and financial coach at Bethany Financial Group.

We’ve Moved!

Bethany Financial Group has moved.


A community of like-minded financial professionals who believe that teamwork always results in more dream work.


Helping people discover financial freedom through one financial coaching session at a time.

My Vision

To create a safe space and environment where anyone who needs financial guidance will experience the comfort they need to be transparent about their finances.

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How You Can Support Bethany Financial

Update: A lot of changes are currently in the works! I am excited about what is to come. Right now, the Patreon Community has been unpublished. I have a plan to re-launch the community within the next year, 2023.

New Patreon Community Coming Soon!

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Become an Educator

I’m not talking about an accredited teacher in schools. I’m talking about an everyday educator of financial literacy.

There are numerous opportunities for us in our daily lives to talk with others who need to learn about personal finance.

Need A Financial Coach?

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